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#021: An Interview with Rich Roll: Record Shattering Health & Fitness [Podcast]

This is the epitome of high-achievement. This week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast features an interview with Rich Roll, vegan ultra-endurance athlete and author of Finding Ultra.

Rich Roll, author of Finding Ultra
Photo Credit: Rich Roll

Rich personally changed my life a year ago when I read his book and immediately made serious changes to my diet and exercise routine. Now, you have the opportunity to learn directly from Rich, hear his story, and be just as inspired by him as I am.

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The Tip of the Week

This week’s tip reveals The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Forming a New Habit.

  1. Pushing way beyond your current abilities.
  2. Making the process too complicated.
  3. Believing the new habit will stick on Day 1.
Featured Content

In this episode, I interview Rich Roll and we talk about:

  1. The moment that changed Rich’s life and how he quickly became a world-renown athletic phenomena.
  2. How Rich overcame alcoholism to eventually run his first Ironman.
  3. How a 7-day juice cleanse revolutionized his health.
  4. How Rich mentally and physically prepared himself for a double IRONMAN race.
  5. How his book, Finding Ultra, can inspire you to make small changes with big results.
  6. How starting every morning with a Vitamix smoothie can transform your health.
  7. How you can learn directly from Rich in his eCourse: The Ultimate Guide To Plant-Based Nutrition.
Resources Mentioned in the Show
  1. RichRoll.com [Rich’s website]
  2. The Rich Roll Podcast [hosted by Rich]
  3. IRONMAN World Championship [Kona, Hawaii]
  4. Ultraman [World Championship Hawaii]
  5. Finding Ultra [book by Rich Roll]
  6. Vitamix [super-powered blender]
  7. Green Smoothies [7 reasons to drink these every day]
  8. 4-Hour Workweek [book by Timothy Ferriss]
  9. The Ultimate Guide To Plant-Based Nutrition [Rich’s eCourse]
  10. Jai Seed eCookBook [by Rich Roll]
  11. Jai Release Meditation Program [by Rich Roll]
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  2. Next week’s episode is an interview with my wife Tessa! We talk productivity, marriage, and living a high-achievement lifestyle. You won’t want to miss this one.
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Who are your favorite athletes that inspire you the most? Let me know in the comments below.

  • http://ACEProductivity.com/ Timothy Moser

    Inspiring. I really liked your tips about building habits. Are you familiar with BJ Fogg? I think what you have to say is very much in line with his research. “Make the right thing easier to do” is an essential key to behavioral change.

    • https://www.jeffsanders.com/ Jeff Sanders

      I’m not familiar with BJ Fogg, but I will look him up. It’s definitely true that making the right thing easier to do is the best path to habit formation and long-term improvement.

      • http://ACEProductivity.com/ Timothy Moser

        He’s famous for advocating establishing the habit of flossing one tooth every day. That approach is based on the theory that if you start with a small thing at make it a habit, it’s extremely easy to scale that small habit up.

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