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#016: No Meat Athlete: An Interview with Matt Frazier [Podcast]

Have you have ever wanted to radically improve your health? This week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast features an interview with Matt Frazier, author of No Meat Athlete.

Matt Frazier - No Meat Athlete
Photo Credit: Matt Frazier

Matt changed his diet a few years ago and has gone on to run incredible distances and help thousands of people to do the same. If you have ever wandered if it’s possible to run a marathon without meat, Matt proves the answer is yes!

Listen to Episode #016
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The Tip of the Week

Today’s tip is all about thinking on purpose.

Featured Content

In this episode, I interview Bestselling author and popular blogger, Matt Frazier. Specifically, we dive into these topics:

  1. What it takes to become a no meat athlete.
  2. What it’s really like to run a 100-mile ultramarathon.
  3. What food is best for long runs.
  4. How Matt’s new book can help you eat better and improve your fitness.
  5. What inspired Matt to change his diet and what drives him to excel today.
  6. How Matt begins his day with a focus on many energy-expanding habits.
  7. What old-school personal development technique Matt has used to boost his growth.
Resources Mentioned in the Show
  1. NoMeatAthlete.com [blog by Matt Frazier]
  2. No Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest Self [new book by Matt Frazier]
  3. Eat & Run [book by Scott Jurek]
  4. Finding Ultra [book by Rich Roll]
  5. iRunFar.com [website from Bryan Powell]
  6. HEED Sports Drink [Hammer Nutrition]
  7. Earthlings [animal rights documentary]
  8. The China Study [book by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.]
  9. Forks Over Knives [documentary on food and natural health]
  10. Food Inc. [documentary on food and natural health]
  11. Tribes [book by Seth Godin]
  12. The War of Art [book by Steven Pressfield]
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  2. Next week’s episode I will be revealing my Breakfast of Champions: How to Create Your own Super Star Smoothie. I’ll talk about how you can reinvent your breakfast for amazing energy and nutrition early every morning.
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  • corn86

    Just finished listening to this episode. I knew nomeatathlete.com before so it was great to hear guy behind the website live. What’s even better, for me, are these podcast notes with names and links for all the resources – very useful. Definitely going to watch Earthlings.

    • https://www.jeffsanders.com/ Jeff Sanders

      I’m glad you found the resources helpful. Earthlings is definitely worth your time, even though it’s tough to watch.

      • Rinat Tagirov

        Yeah, definitely not everybody is up for exposing themselves to the niceness set forth in this documentary. To spread the word, I sent out “Earthlings” to a bunch of people right after I’d watched the movie. The list included around 15 recipients of which two replied with something like “I haven’t even managed to get through the trailer, man”/”Are those people off their frickin’ chumps? You have to be a pervert to actually film stuff like this” and the rest of ’em didn’t respond at all. Ah…no, there was the third guy who said “Jesus Christ, it’s unbelievable”, but as far as I can observe he hasn’t taken any action since. I actually don’t know if he went through the whole movie or just skimmed over the trailer, but I guess it’s the latter, cuz it’s virtually impossible to eat animal products after accomplishing the former unless you got the compassion parts of your brain excised. Hiding from the truth is a really interesting phenomenon I must say. I am currently in the process of analyzing my own judgments that were withholding me from going vegan and I am truly and genuinely amazed by the finesse with which my left brain was rationalizing the consumption of animal products in order to keep me in, what it thought at the moment was the comfort zone. When it comes to self-deception and rationalization some people are really good lairs. It’s truly remarkable…

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  • http://www.mralexander.ca/ Mr Alexander

    This is episode was great and in my opinion the tip of the week is by far the best that you have ever delivered in the area of productivity, success and motivation.

    As for the episode its great and thought a lot of tips, its amazing that we are so accustomed to artificial drinks and gels but the natural foods are the ones to focus on.

    What was the name of the drink mentioned in the episode as a substitute to gatorade?

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