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#008: Plant-Based Marathon Running: An Interview with P.J. Murphy [Podcast]

Have you ever wanted to run a meatless marathon? This week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast features an interview with P.J. Murphy from RunYogaThrive.com and we discuss everything from plant-based diets to running marathons and raising children.

Plant-Based Marathon RunningPhoto Credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Compfight cc

P.J. did not grow up with a great diet, but he did have the guts to change later in life and re-invent his health. You have the same opportunity and P.J. has some great tips to get started now.

Listen to Episode #008
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The Tip of the Week

Today’s tip is my response to a listener voicemail question:

  • Frances Drost: How do you handle running during the dark mornings of the fall and winter months?
Featured Content

In this episode, I interview Plant-Based Marathon Runner, P.J. Murphy. We discuss a whole bunch of great content, including:

  1. Why a plant-based diet?
  2. What do you eat in order to thrive?
  3. What is RunYogaThrive.com?
  4. When do you begin your day?
  5. What attracted you to marathon running?
  6. Do you lift weights along with running?
  7. What advice do you have for beginners?
Resources Mentioned in the Show
  1. Life Without Bacon?! [eBook]
  2. RunYogaThrive.com [P.J.’s blog]
  3. Bill Clinton Goes Vegan [YouTube video]
  1. The 5 AM Blueprint is an affordable way to get direct, customized feedback from me (without buying my full-coaching service) to create an effective schedule for your ideal day. This is a new offer from me and I’m very excited about offering an effective method to help you achieve your goals even faster!
  2. Next week’s episode will be an interview with Productivity Guru and Podcaster, Erik Fisher from BeyondTheToDoList.com.
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